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Final Fantasy Fanart"When You're Evil and Dead" Art
Note: Original characters included on this page are property of Sforzie and should not be used without permission.

Kuja and Kefka

-- hand.jpg -- A sketch featuring one of Kuja's better lines. (Well, a version of it!)

-- catch.gif -- Kefka's luckiest catch. ^^

-- satu11.jpg -- First contact. (Uwee hee.) (Color)

Kuja and Sephiroth

-- chibi13.gif -- Sephiroth finds Kuja's tail. Or something like that... ^_^;

-- sephy1.gif -- Random doodle.

-- sun4.gif -- Drunken wandering. ^^


-- kefka2.gif -- The group. Mmyup.

-- chibi12.gif -- The boys show off their higher forms... sorta.

-- chibi11.jpg -- Sephiroth restrains Kefka. Kuja-doll remains freaked out. ^_^ (Greyscale)

-- header.jpg -- Header image for the story. (Color)



Kuja (fem) Kefka Sephiroth
Trance Kuja (fem) Kurshplat Flaure
Kuja SD (fem) Kefka SD Sephiroth SD
Kuja SD (male)    


Koura Palazzo Azera Tribel Lady Palazzo