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January 6, 2004
A new year stuff! Yay! You may notice the change in links at the top of the page. "The boys" has been changed to "articles," and for good reason. You'll find "the boys" now in there, along with a few good helpings of my over-opinionated self. :P The first two 'articles' are a summary of the FF games thus far, and a write up about how video games kept me from going on that multi-state 'cide spree I've always dreamed of. ::cough::
Also, in the fanart section you can see a nice new group picture of the boys. T'was a Christmas present for my buddy-bud. It's very colorful.  Also, there's an extra fanart section, featuring stuff by said buddy-bud, Molly! Huzzah!
And, last but not least, Chapter 34 of "When You're Evil and Dead" is up too. How 'bout that...

December 28, 2003
Happy end of the year, yo. Chapter 33 of "When You're Evil and Dead" is up...yay!

December 21, 2003
Ho ho freaking ho. Chapter 32 of "When You're Evil and Dead" is now up!

December 16, 2003
I am the most horrible page-mistress ever. T_T Well. One of them. ::cough:: 

But I had an excuse! Sorta. I was finishing college. Now I'm graduated and unemployed nothing better to do that play video games and work on my comic and whatnot. I guess this fits into the whatnot. I paid for a Plus tripod account to get rid of those annoying ads...I hope ya'll appreciate that at least.

So what's new? Well, I finally got the fanart page up! Yes, I know ya'll have wanted that. It has 30 images on it.  I also added chapter 31 of "When You're Evil and Dead". Oooh. And the "about" page is up now too. Enjoy! And send e-mails, for kweh's sake, or there won't be another update until next March. :P

August 24, 2003
Like strange magic, I randomly started working on the site again. I don't really have any excuse this time for not working on it. Sheer laziness, I guess. 

Much of the site should be working now. Except that I haven't got the fanart page working yet, or the about page. But the rest should be up. Let me know if anything is amiss, alright?
The fanfic page should be up to date, with When You're Evil and Dead being current up to chapter 30, which was just finished a few hours ago!

June 21, 2003
Teacher monsters are currently being held at bay. After looking at my nails for a few minutes and wondering how they got so dirty, I started working on getting the new layout up! And that's what I did. Am doing. Something like that. Not all of the sections are up yet, but they're getting there. The rambles and goodies pages will probably be last up, just don't have much to go in those sections yet. But I will. ::nod::

April 8, 2003
Started revamping the page. Actually did most of the revamping. Then was attacked by scary scary monsters disguised as college professors, and was unable to get much of anything done on the page for two months. Phooey.