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(Angry peasant mob chasing you?
Here are some other places to hide while plotting their destruction!...stupid peasants.)

Sforzie's Devart Page
(Features much of the same stuff as here, and is likely to get updated more often!)
Sforzie's Fanficnet Page
(Again, features much of the same as here, and it's the first place where I post new stuff!)


Final Fantasy Villain Pages

Dancing Mad  [Kefka]
The Kefka Fanatics Tower [Kefka]

Other Fabulous Pages with FF art, fics, and...stuff!

Quad 9 Dyne
Silver Narciss

Destiny Interrupted

Kujamav Kingdom

General All-Purpose Useful FF pages

The Round Island
Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart

Other pages that are related...somehow...
OverClocked ReMix


Bright Shadows is link free! So... link away! ^^;