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Disclaimer: Although there are no names in this poem, Square owns all its stuff. Yup. Gotta cover my butt. ^^
Notes: Hey, long time to hear from me, eh? I kinda forced myself to write this poem. I've been playing FFX, and I have to admit that I miss FFIX terribly. ^^; Anyhoo, this poem is supposed to be from Kuja's point of view, thinking about his little brother. (Awww.) Hope you enjoy!

I Thought
By: Sforzie

I thought...

I thought of you
While walking through
The streets of a city gone silent
Where the rain flowed
In an endless stream
Like the trail of blood
That followed me.

I thought I saw your face
While sulking through
Busy city streets
Ignoring the stares
Of curious passerby
As I reached out to your shadow
With my eyes.

I thought of your voice
Ringing sweet and innocent
A golden bell chiming
Counting out the hours
And the minutes
The notes resonating
Until the hour of my death.

I thought of you
While laying on my deathbed
Wishing for another chance
To profess my hate
Like a fading song on the breeze
You arrived
But it was too late.

I thought I heard your voice
Calling out to me
As darkness took my hand
Her touch felt like yours
Her body hovered close
Protecting me
Like I imagined you might.

I thought of you a million times
As I fell through life
Feathers falling from wings
That did not exist.
No matter how much I hated you
Just before I hit bottom
You caught me.

My soul came free from our grasp
And I thought
For a long final moment
That I might've loved you.

I thought...