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Disclaimer: Uh... no real disclaimer. But this poem is dedicated to three Final Fantasy villains: Kefka, Sephiroth, and Kuja. I'm sure you can figure that out. ^_^; Oh well, it's just a poem... (Eh, I stink at poetry. I think I'll stick with prose.)

Break Into the Light
By: Sforzie

Slipped into the madness
That was born in power
Innocence unraveled by rage
In a quickening pulse
The darkest shadows
Are whispering to ears
That long for the logic
That dwells in spilt blood
The waters are poisoned
Just like my mind....
The darkness crumbles in my laugh
and I break into the light

Innocent babe before a breath
Forever tainted in the womb
Never felt the mother's touch
Loving or not, truth left unknown
A search for the truth
Brings madness in knowledge
A thousand lies told
Hiding the tainted blood
Only to be released in flames
And in the screams of the dying
My strength is a new breed of suffering...
The darkness cannot hold me back
and I break into the light

A bizarre tale behind a tail
Hidden like the truth
Created not from parental love
But of the need to destroy
Too much power too young
Then snatched away too soon
Jealousy breeds desire
Corrupts the innocence of youth
Elevated like an angel
Then thrown down to earth
I culminate in a red rage...
The darkness is not a welcome end
and I break into the light