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About Sforzie
 (and this page)

Hasty self portrait
: 22
Zodiac: Rooster*
Height: 5'10"
Handed: Left
Schoolin': Cum Laude Graduate of Georgia Southern University, Geology major/ Writing minor
Family: Mom, little sister
Likes: Drawing, Writing, Final Fantasy, Anime, Yaoi, cheese, sleeping in, fluffy animals
Dislikes: Dogs, boys, clowns, red meat...lotsa stuff.
Faults: Lazy, procrastinates, blunt honesty, mean, easily distracted--ooh, shiny!

FF Game: I don't know!
FF Villain: Kuja. Duh.
FF Critter: Chocobos!

For more Sforzie goodness, check out her Livejournal.

*Summer Metal Rooster with Snake Ascendant, Cancer/Leo cusp. Which, in layman's terms, means I'm out of my mind.